About our company


Established in 2001 and having its head office in West Midlands, TelXL have focussed on providing telecommunications services to a range of organisations, via the channel, ever since, with a particular focus on telecommunications solutions for contact centres.


TelXL were originally founded by Nigel Fox, who had previously worked at BT, planning and delivering some of the UK’s major telecoms infrastructure.


Over that time, we have evolved into a mature, highly regarded wholesale telecommunication specialist, with a particular focus on the SME contact centre, with some notable milestones en-route.

“In 2020-21, we had our best year yet, growing by some 40%, winning further high profile clients and increasing our existing business organically. We also grew our business internally, as we ramp up for further growth.


Over this time, our success has been based on the partnership approach we have taken with resellers, our resilient and high quality telephony and our flexibility to provide solutions that others can’t.


TelXL are now embarking on the next stage of its journey, with our new CC4SME products, in readiness for the convergence of internal (UCaaS) and external (CCaaS) telecommunications systems with both each other and the wider IT eco-system.





Leadership team

Our leadership team offers over a century of experience in telecommunications in the UK.

Aaron Fox

Nigel Fox

Andrew Jones

Tatum Bisley

Steph Birch

James Evans

Our contact centre technology

Our contact centre products are based on open source, Linux and part Microsoft and built using best of breed suppliers.


The platform is delivered in a web portal and enables all of the features a SME might need to deliver an excellent customer experience, while being able to adapt to changing business and market requirements. Overall, our platform offers over 300 telephony features, as well as a number of integrations and the potential to integrate further with other applications in order to create the optimal solution.


Our platform also providers our resellers with the management information needed to carry out reporting, billing and analysis to ensure that they stay on top of their customers’ accounts.


Vision and values

Our vision is XXXX


Our network

We operate our own network which is built using our own infrastructure and interconnect agreements with BT and other providers.


Our network services are based on three sites across the UK connecting to different telecoms providers and ISPs. We also have a dedicated point to point ethernet service to allow us to maintain continuous service.


This configuration all allows us to offer very high levels of network resilience and had made us a suitable candidate for various organisations where communications are mission critical.


Communications Toolkit

At the heart of your business


Improve agent performance and caller personalisation with a complete view of customer history as the call is connected.

Happy Fox

Voice-to-ticket technology enables callers to leave voice messages that are converted to text and filed as new support requests.


MS Teams integration enables your staff to work from wherever is convenient to enable greater collaboration, engagement and performance.

Who are TelXL?

TelXL operates according to five core values, each of which informs our company culture and all of our customer relationships.

1. TelXL’s culture of mutual respect fosters a healthy working environment which is both productive and collaborative.

2. Fundamental to TelXL’s identity for 20 years, the power of our communication platform is the means by which we deliver value to our customers.

3. TelXL grows and innovates by a constant process of learning, from each other, our customers and the wider market.

4. TelXL prides itself on a strong moral compass which guides all our personal and commercial relationships.

5. With TelXL, you can be assured that our daily mission is to ensure every aspect of the service we provide is the best it can be.