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For when SMEs need the most cost-effective telephony solution, our lines and calls packages are hard to beat. Pay for what you use, yet benefit from all the standard features you’d expect from a business telephony solution, and often far more.

TelXL’s telephony can help organisations to save SMEs money on both landline calls and line rentals. Our customers typically help companies save 25% or more on the price of standard PSTN costs from BT, while also allowing resellers to make healthy margins by switching their clients to our plans. Our resellers can therefore present clients with strong pricing propositions for business phone lines, charged at just 1p per minute for local and national calls and 5p per minute for mobile calls.

Call Conferencing

Ensure that all the key stakeholders can participate in important conversations.


Enables you to receive a fax and notifies you of its arrival via email.

Extensive number choice

Select the most suitable telephone numbers for your business from our huge national, international and freephone ranges.

Blocked numbers

Create a call screening list in real-time to minimise time wasted on unqualified or nuisance calls.


Deploy text messaging as a swift response to enquiries, to promote special offers or to confirm sales orders.

Call Routing

Diverts calls to another number of your choosing so you never miss an enquiry.

Smart IVR

Flexible and completely configurable option menu directs callers first time to the right person.


Use extensions to answer FAQs automatically, connect distributed sites/personnel or even create virtual departments.

Contact Centre for SME (CC4SME)

“Our CC4SME product is a one stop shop designed for call centres between 5 and 100 agents that offers a cost-effective way of delivering excellent customer experience. It blends a set of comprehensive features with the simplicity, affordability and (most importantly) the agility that SME’s demand.

For organisations that already use Microsoft Teams or deploy a UCaaS solution for internal communication and collaboration, we offer two variants of our product that both provide a seamless overlay:

CC4SME - Teams integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to provide the benefit to agents, back-office staff and customer of being able to handle both internal and external communications via the Teams window.

CC4SME - UCaaS integrates seamlessly with a wide range of UCaaS solutions, such as Evolve IP and Broadsoft, to also provide a seamless communication experience.

Core features

Per-operator queuing

Intelligently distributes each call to the agent with the required knowledge to deal with specific enquiries.

Call recording

Supervisors and agents can review call recordings for training purposes, quality control and dispute resolution.

Advanced IVR

Fully flexible option menu ensures callers are directed first time to the team best placed to deal with their enquiry.

Call whisper

Advance announcement to the agent prior to connection, which provides opportunity to prepare for the subject of the call.

Operating hours

Flexible scheduling tool that enables calls to be directed to different places according to the time of day.

Outbound dialler

Maximises sales productivity in your outbound call centre with automatic list-based dial-outs.


Give callers the option of departing the on-hold queue to leave a callback number or divert them automatically if wait-time limit is reached.

Concurrent calls

During even the very busiest business times, the number of concurrent inbound & outbound calls taking place does not affect service.

Desktop notifications

Urgent messages, alerts or notifications can be delivered immediately direct to each operator’s screen in a pop-up box.

Screen pops

Incoming caller details held in a CRM or supplied whilst on hold appear onscreen immediately upon call connection to maximise agent efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Ring groups

Incoming calls can be set to ring multiple agents at the same time, configurable by call type and required agent skillset.

Disposition codes

At the end of the call the agent is prompted to enter a code that denotes the nature of the enquiry, so that managers can profile inbound traffic and allocate resources effectively.

Real-time orchestration

Agents can assess and execute the optimum next step for each customer enquiry based on information received during their call.


Enables an agent to transfer a call to any other phone, not just those in the contact centre.


Create and edit operator scripts that are specific to individual campaigns, clients or call types to maximise value from every call.


Operators can initiate outbound calls with a simple mouse click rather than dialling a number each time.

Analytics features

Realtime dashboard

Shows live Key Performance metrics on a display screen in the contact centre, alerting supervisors to operational issues in real time, enabling immediate remedial action.

Call log report

Easy-to-read graphical representation of call types and volumes over any given period, to enable data-driven decision-making on staffing and workflow.

Quality and compliance features

Voice Recording

Calls can be recorded so that supervisors and agents can review for training purposes, quality control and dispute resolution.

Screen Recording

Recording of on-screen text-based transactions - email, social media and instant messaging - for operator training, assessment and continuous improvement.

Full QM Integration

Integration with a Quality Management solution provides the tools to continuously measure the efficiency of caller interaction to maximise performance and customer satisfaction.

Payments solutions

TelXL provide solutions for secure payments to ensure our users are compliant with all latest regulation and protect their customers' data

PCI Payments

A fully secure PCI compliant payment processing facility which adds sales order-taking to the range of operator services offered by the contact centre.

DTMF Recording Obfuscation

Callers wishing to make payments can enter card details using their touchtone keypad rather than reading them out to an operator.

Integration Features

CRM integrations

Connect with your CRM system to enable agents to advise customers based on past interactions, prioritise inbound calls according to value or set up automated outbound telemarketing.

Webhooks and APIs

We provide the means for you to add further integrations

Click to Call and Screen Pops

Integrate telephony in your web-sites to call direct from there using WebRTC technology.

Deskphone and VoIP

Link with your deskphones, irrespective of vendor.

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