Reseller opportunities

We offer three levels of engagement for resellers, which are designed to work irrespective of your scale, strategy and product-focus: 1) Referrals, 2) Resellers and 3) Providers.

Benefits of working with us​

We appreciate that the reseller community represents a broad church. A small value-added reseller might have different aspirations and focus than a larger managed service provider. Therefore, we offer a range of ways to support the aspirations of the reseller community, helping them to earn a profitable revenue stream while working with us to a mutual advantage.

We can provide end to end support across the sales journey and into the support for the service, or provide the back office support to allow your organisation to deliver with a white label offer.​


SME focus & agility

We specialise in the SME market and are empathic to their technology and business challenges.​


Profitable revenue​

Selling our services provides recurring, high margin revenue streams. As your client’s business grows, so does your’s.​



Our feature breadth and bespoke services provide the means for you to innovate with your clients.


Business partnership

We do not aspire to sell direct to end customers, but focus instead on developing long-term partnerships with our resellers.


Growth markets

While contact centres and comms have changed radically, there is still much growth in the sector, providing great prospects.​


Proven technology

Our resellers are supported by a foundation of technology that has been evolving for 20 years – trusted by a host of organisations.​


Commercially flexible

We work creatively with our partners to win business, so are always open to discussing how we can win together commercially.​


Technology enthusiasts

TelXL is passionate about technology and the benefits it brings. Resellers passionate about technology find kindred spirits!​

Low attrition for a reason

In today’s extremely competitive world, our attrition rate is remarkably low. Some of our resellers have also now been with us for well over a decade. The reason is that we have always been prepared to work as flexibly as we can to overcome commercial and technical challenges to deliver the solutions that end-customers most value.

Choose the programme
that’s right for you

Your business strategy, technology focus, client portfolio and scale might well make different models of reselling more or less attractive to your business. And you might find different models work at different times. Whichever one you choose, you will find we have a win-win approach.


When you come across leads and opportunities, but don’t have the bandwidth or desire to manage the sales process, then we still reward those that provide a contact which leads to a future sale.


Our standard arrangement is a “reseller” arrangement. You create and manage the sales process and then manage your customer’s account. We collaborate with the proposal and provide second line support.


If you are already a managed service provider and have your own support function then you might want control over branding, to manage support and also commission a bespoke solution. We are happy to support your strategy and business model if this is the case.







Our support: from idea to reality

We support our resellers at each stage of the way, as needed and as per the partnership arrangement we enter


Lead generation: As we increasingly enhance our own brand, we will include you and your online presence on our website as a recommended supplier of our services, including any reviews and recommendations.

Prospect engagement: We provide a white paper about our products and separate product description, on both of which you can add your own logo and contact information, to be able to send to prospects.

Pitch support decks: We provide a pitch deck and other collateral which you can again customise by including your logo and brand name – adding and removing slides as you see fit. We would also be willing to accompany you to any business development pitches if you like the support.

On site demonstrations: We are happy to host your prospects for on site demonstrations to talk through our product and answer any questions.

Propositions: For situations where your customer either has esoteric needs, or is wedded to legacy technology, our modular service allows you to build a highly bespoke proposition which combines off the shelf elements and bespoke development work, to ensure your proposal stands out.

Proposals and quotations: We offer both a simple bundled pricing model and pricing by line-item which allows you to bundle together your own bespoke offers. We also offer a suggested proposal template.


Provisioning: Our platform will allow you to configure your own lines and numbers and change prices, so that you can be in control of your customer’s account. However, for the first customer (or two) we would be happy to walk through the process with you to ensure you are comfortable

Billing: We provide an intuitive billing platform with data export functionality that allows you to import readily into Excel or your own software.

Roadmap & upselling: We have a product roadmap that gives our resellers foresight and allows them to propose and plan future change with their clients. The roadmap includes ongoing development and improvement of our platform as well as new third party integrations.

Service support: We provide extensive support and user guides, while also offering a service desk to field escalated issues.