Grow your business in partnership with TelXL

TelXL provides contact centre and communication solutions for SMEs while supporting our resellers with different business models or objectives.

Grow new recurring revenue

Resell our solution(s) and then grow volume and recurring revenues as your clients’ business grows.

Secure high margins

Attract high margins from our telephony and augmented features, as well as the potential to provide value-adding consultancy in helping to choose the best options.

Easy to sell

Our propositions are designed to adapt to the customer requirement in a wide range of scenarios, meaning that we make it easier for our resellers to nail their client’s requirements on the head.

Become a reseller of choice

Use our feature rich toolkit and our integrations with UCaaS and Teams platforms to help you become the only trusted advisor your client ever needs for their communication.

Be supported

Our ‘journey to market’ supports you each steps of the way, reducing the overhead on your business

Trusted Companies

Choose the programme
that’s right for you

Depending on the sort of business are you in and your aims, we provide different channel partnerships. The choice probably depends on factors such as your business focus, resources and business model. (For different opportunities, you might also opt to take different roles at different times.)


is for those who come across opportunities within their client and prospect pools where they believe TelXL could offer a strong solution. However, they would prefer to refer the lead than manage it themselves, because of time or focus. We would compensate any lead that produced a contract within 12 months as a percentage of the first two years’ revenue.

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is for those who wish to resell TelXL’s solution as part of their portfolio of services, overseeing the job of capturing requirements, defining the solution, providing us with requirements and then winning a contract. These value added resellers would likely provide their clients with ongoing advice and account management.

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.,,is for those who do all that a Reseller does but also actively manage their client’s services beyond the sale. Therefore, organisations who already offer support and technical services to their clients – such as CCaaS vendors or IT managed service providers - might feel themselves suited to this approach.”

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Technology & Innovation

The TelXL communications platform can be integrated with applications from every area of the API universe, from big-name CRM platforms through to niche use-case-specific solutions. Talk to us about becoming a technology partner and we’ll help bring your concept to life.

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