Contact Centre for SME

Our product is a one-stop-shop designed for contact centres between 5 and 100 agents that offers a cost-effective way of delivering excellent customer experience. It blends a set of comprehensive features with the simplicity, ease of use, affordability and (most importantly) the agility that SME’s demand.

Key features & benefits

Our solution is designed to meet the price point, feature-requirements and flexibility demanded by SMEs. Features and benefits can be tailored for the specific requirement of the end clients, including the sample below. 


Quick deploy configuration

For those wanting a quick deployment, our “Contact-centre in a Box” configuration make it easy and fast.


Management flexibility

Take control of calls by managing contacts and numbers directly or via a CRM, while setting business rules.


Call control and orchestration

Fully craft your journeys: Add entry triggers, exit to other IVR configs, set up voicemail, carry out post call actions and more besides.


Speech recognition

Use voice-recognition technology to provide a voice-activated experience for customers through the IVR journey.


Outbound calling options

Initiate calls automatically using a range of triggers from emails, API integrations and defined-lists such as outbound dialler lists.


Multi-channel options

Add SMS, email, web RTC (or other channels) to build a single hub for contact. Build, integrate and transition at your own pace.


Insightful reporting

Our usage and cost reporting is in real time, so there is constant transparency, to give the ability to forecast.


Help centre

The platform contains built in help, as well as coming with supportive content aimed at agents, supervisors & system administrators.

Integrate contact centre with Teams or UCaaS

Reflecting the trends over the past two years, in which we have seen a huge growth in the application of Microsoft Teams alongside other UCaaS providers, our contact centre product integrates perfectly with both.

This offers a range of great benefits for businesses, their agents, their staff and their customers: SMEs are unable to unlock the wider capabilities of their business to resolve customer issues, either because customer issues need to be triaged to experts in different functions, or because there are spikes in demand which would otherwise leave the contact centre overrun.