PSTN Switch Off: TelXL customers will see a seamless transition

Our national analogue PSTN and ISDN networks will no longer be around from 2025 as the UK moves to a fully digital network infrastructure. In this article, we outline what this will mean for businesses, why it is happening and happily report that TelXL’s customers will not be affected. We cover:    What is the […]

5 key contact centre trends that are influencing TelXL in 2022 and beyond

It is clear that the challenges of COVID and the emergence of new technologies, at record speeds, particularly in the communication and collaboration space, have changed contact centres for good.   Here at TelXL we have some exciting plans for our future product roadmap over the months ahead, based on the feedback of our customers, […]

The direction of Microsoft Teams and relevance to contact centres

Microsoft Teams first came on to the scene as recently as 2016 after a company hackathon. Subsequently, growth has been astronomical, not least over the past few years during COVID. Now the role of Teams is evolving, and it is relevant to contact centres. We explain the strengths of Teams and limitations of Teams as […]