Telco+ is our SIP trunk product, used to carry telephony traffic over the internet. We can deliver traffic to on-premise equipment, a PBX, or directly into Microsoft Teams. Customers benefit from cost-savings, scalability and countless features besides – features that many others simply don’t provide.

Key features & benefits

Our solution provides all of the contemporary features and benefits you might come to expect from SIP trunks.


SIP trunk benefits


SIP trunks bring the benefits of cost savings, scalability, and ease of use – foundational elements for digital transformation.


Any end point


Trunks can be connected to premise equipment, virtual PBX exchanges or straight into Microsoft Teams, giving huge flexibility.


Call recording & cloud storage

Record calls in the cloud for compliance and legal purposes. Use call-tagging to quickly re-find important parts of calls.


HD voice quality


Offers superior clarity over analogue lines, for better quality conversations.


Advanced VoIP features


Benefit from many features including queue management, auto attendant, voicemail to email, conference lines and more.



Easy to control


Very easy to control your full Telco+ configurations and setup from one portal.


Security, resilience & disaster recovery

Our network configuration, includes load balancing and routing, creating resilience in practically any situation.


Predictable costs

Our prices are predictable and recurring, allowing the means for resellers and their clients to budget and plan with confidence.

Reduce suppliers, assets and costs?

Our Telco+ service provides the resilient, scalable and flexible means to carry and manage the organisation’s telephony traffic. When used in combination with our contact centre platform, it creates simplicity, by reducing the number of suppliers. Our Telco+ service can also be the means to support transformation to an all-IP softphone approach, helping to reduce the costs and hassle of maintaining a physical desk-phone inventory, while supporting a closer integration between telecoms and IT systems.

We also recognise the sunk costs in existing systems and constraints that SMEs might face, so are also happy to work to augment existing technology stacks and provide the best offering for the situation-at-hand, or phase migration plans over time.