Professional services for custom requirements

Bespoke Solutions

TelXL has a long, rich history of meeting bespoke requirements for communications solutions. These have ranged from a secure, compliant payment solution through to an accessible portal for people with visual impairments. We can build, adapt, augment and integrate on our core platform to offer our resellers boundless opportunities for everything from overcoming stubborn problems through to business model innovation.

Key features & benefits

With our own team of developers and communication experts, we can help build the very best solution for meeting customer needs, by adapting the different parts of the communication solution to meet requirements, using our own solution, third party integrations or other specialist organisations




From WebRTC to email, SMS, chat or chatbots, add and integrate channels to meet customers’ diverse contact needs.


Integrations with internal comms

Integrate our external-facing communication solutions with Teams or other internal-facing UCaaS solutions, via one seamless UI.


Database integration


Itegrate comms with CRM or other databases to capture and maintain up-to-date data for decision-making by agents and their supervisors.


AI applications


Deploy AI applications such as transcription, chatbots or translation services to reduce costs and provide faster customer response.



Use communications data to trigger actions, such as completing forms or raising tickets, to reduce effort and cost.




Add modules to bolster security and reduce the probability of fraud.




Adapt communications channels and characteristics to make them more accessible to all parts of the community.


Analytics, insights & reporting

Build cut-through insight through real time call traffic data, and adding to post call surveys, sentiment analysis or other MI.

Support for custom requirements

Our approach is naturally to work collaboratively with our partners when there is a need for bespoke development.


We recognise that our resellers are all unique, not only in terms of scale, but focus and strategy. Therefore, as well as providing flexible solutions, we are flexible with our commercial models.